Our Team

Annie Marston - REsustain - Life Photo

Annie Marston PhD, MSc, MA (hons), LEED AP

Founder, Director and Chief Product Officer

Annie co-founded REsustain with Alex and Stuart in 2021, prior to that Annie has worked as a building physicist for the last 20 years in North America, Germany, and the UK. A highlight of this work was working with UC Berkley and LBNL on an APRPe funded project run by Prof Avideh Zakor who invented google street view. We built a backpack that could walk around an existing building scanning it and creating a street view style walk through, a Building Information Model (BIM) and an Energy Model. It was this work that stoked my passion in combining traditional engineering with tech. REsustain is the natural step after this where we are looking to make existing buildings more efficient using virtual technology to diagnose and solve real control issues within the building, on scale and using years of engineering knowledge and experience through a specially designed engine.

Annie has a PhD from Nottingham University; her thesis was on hiding wind turbines from primary air traffic control radar.

Annie loves the sea and can be found jumping in the waves at a moments notice.