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Real Estate

By combining leading building physics and

automation technology, we reduce energy

consumption, CAPEX and carbon emissions,

while increasing value and tenant comfort.

A force for change

Since 2021, we have optimised real estate

and the way it manages energy for the future.

Co-founded and led by industry experts in

building physics, technology and automation,

we channel decades of expertise and brainpower

into all manner of buildings and portfolios.

As engineers, we know energy is not open to

interpretation, and we understand its potential in

real estate like no one else. How to harness it.

How to control it. How to save it.

These are the principles that allow us to gather

real energy intelligence, process it through unique

forecast modelling, and automate a more

sustainable flow of energy in real estate.

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Sustainability is not a

moral conundrum.

It is a logical equation

that science can solve.

Avoid stranded assets through rapid,

cost-effective decarbonisation.

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A highly calibrated Digital Twin to optimise, model and reduce carbon emissions on your portfolio.

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Optimise your buildings' performance, remotely controlled, for immediated results, at scale.

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Materially reduce energy use across your portfolio, accelerate your path to Carbon Net Zero and delay stranding.

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You own the data. Accurately monitor your buildings' energy performance in a single source of truth. Democratise your data to accelerate your impact.

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Model different scenarios, risk free, before taking the most cost-effective action.

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Add value to your portfolio and increase yield with more sustainable buildings.

How it works

Our approach ensures we

continually optimise results

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Decarbonise your real estate

Delay Today. Model Tomorrow. Sustain Forever.

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No CAPEX. Reduce Carbon Emissions. Cut Utility Costs.

Governed by the laws of

physics, we know that energy

cannot be created or destroyed.

But it can be managed.

That is precisely what we do.

We've saved


tonnes of carbon


utility cost saved


transatlantic roundtrip

flights saved in carbon emissions


"re:sustain's impact exceeded our expectations.

Through their optimisation of our building we

achieved material CO2 reductions within months.

We have an exciting pipeline of buildings in line

for future deployments with re:sustain and we can't wait

to scale their impact portfolio wide."

- Jon Cochrane, Feldberg Capital

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improve sustainability in your building

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